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the Old Way:
a pilgrimage from Orta to Varallo with Samuel Butler
illustrated account and travel guide
St Giulio's Isle:
Gabriel's Guide

a brief account of transhumance in Italy, with photos 

and the mouthbrooders



Wyvern Works
(new 2011)

Reflections on Lake Orta

Hic et nunc, Lakes,
Hortus Conclusus,
Orta Christmas  

Poetry on the Lake Journal one (2008) 
& two (2009)


published by  

Wyvern Works   

Enquiries or to purchase, contact poetryonthelake (at)

widely published in magazines and anthologies and author of books and articles published in Italian and English.

Gabriel is also the creator, in 2001, and organiser of the annual Poetry on the Lake events. She edits an annual anthology of poems from the spring competition.

 For news of the various events, the spring international poetry competition and autumn international poetry celebration,  please go to 


Some comments on her poems

"Writes with great rhetorical flair and her poems have delightful song-like echoes" comments on various poems commended by Don Paterson.

“Musical – skilfully handled”. 
Sherazade and her Sultan commented by Doris Corti

"Hermits (1st Plough Short 2010) seems to me a poem at the heart of its times, but one which will endure. I was impressed that this brief poem could tackle huge themes, the ‘vast theological darkness’, while balancing the description between saint and shell-dweller.There was much which I admired technically in this poem.  It is held together, quietly, by alliteration and half-rhyme.  But it drives boldly forwards, in a marriage of sound and sense, with key phrases opening each line, and each stanza closing with a short phrase, brimmed with meaning.- Alison Brackenbury
"There is a humane and quietly measured narrative voice in command here. It works through emotional understatement, reportage of closely observed details, and - Coleridge’s recipe for success – the best words in the best order.It made me trust and believe the poet from the start." Ipnos (1st Yeovil 2007), commented by Chrissy Banks

"A’ freak yer!  (1st Eastern Light 2010) like the woman in the poem, sifted ‘hairs on the back/of my neck’  A poem of loss – ‘we’re all lost’  says the poet – a poem about confronting memories, situations,  realities where, ultimately, there is ‘no choice’  This poem deserves many, many readings. It is marvellous."
Mandy Pannett

 'The Singing Sounds of the Sea'  (!st Mill Cove Gallery 'Poets meet Painters' 2011 for Hungry Hill writing)
'This poem astounded me with its sustained narrative vision.  It's delicately composed around a lovely, lyrical internal rhyme that draws the reader into an extraordinary scope of time and place, myth and story, from ancient civilisations to current border crises and emigrants trying to escape their own countries.  It starts and ends with a marble bust in the gardens of Mill Cove but takes us on a substantial and moving journey' Cherry Smyth
.poetry editor of Brand literary magazine Finalist Premio di Poesia “Padre Damiano da Bozzano 2010

1st prize Barnet 2010  for 'The children of Stromboli'

Ist prize long poems Scintilla 2009 for
'Winter afternoon on Mottarone'

“It is very difficult to write a poem about a political subject, a subject in the news more or less every day, which feels fresh and new, which does not feel somehow, you know, worthy but I think this poet has managed it.” Dandelions in Golan (1st Split the Lark 2006) commented by John Whitworth

“A deeply layered, visionary piece to read and enjoy repeatedly… takes the great leap of the imagination which is the essence of poetry.” Learning the language of the lake (1st prize Ripley 2000) commented byAlison Chisholm

numerous other prizes, honorary mentions and publications. 


broken thread

no way now

out of the labyrinth,

the church bell



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